OasisEye Specialists

Building Connections between Healthcare and Education: Implementing an Optometry Internship Programme at OasisEye Specialists

At OasisEye Specialists, we place importance on education while providing good healthcare. In line with this, we welcome those who seek to gain further knowledge in the field of eye care, particularly future practitioners in the field such as optometrists and medical students.

Recently, OasisEye Specialists has collaborated with SEGi University to provide services to the Optometry undergraduate internship programme. This will allow Optometry interns to gain industry experience that is relevant to the field of optometry and eye care.

We are committed to providing on-the-job mentoring to prepare interns for their prospective jobs. Through time spent in clinics with industry experts, interns will have many opportunities to observe the necessary care delivered to patients with multitude of eye diseases. They will also get to assist in performing certain investigatory procedures (according to health and safety guidelines) and participate in discussing patient treatment plans.

At all times, OasisEye Specialists strives to treat and guide any trainee with respect and dignity, while providing a safe, sanitary and valuable learning environment.