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Contact Lens Complications

What are contact lens complications?

Contact lenses provide excellent benefits improving vision, but there can be complications if proper care and hygiene instructions are not followed.

These complications include:-

  1. Corneal ulcer – THE MOST SERIOUS
  2. Corneal abrasion
  3. Dry eyes
  4. Allergic conjunctivitis
  5. Contact lens induced red eye
  6. Corneal oedema/ infiltrates/ neovascularization

The most common symptoms a person can have with any of the above are:-

  • eye redness,
  • pain,
  • reduced vision,
  • tearing,
  • itching,
  • sensitivity to light
  • foreign body sensation

If you are a contact lens user and you develop any of the above mentioned symptoms, then please remove your contact lenses and go to see the eye specialist immediately. Please remember to bring along the contact lenses, lens case and lens cleaning solution.

Contact lens should feel comfortable and allow you to see well. If you do not feel comfortable or you are not seeing well, then please make an appointment to see the eye specialist as soon as possible. Remember proper care and hygiene while using contact lenses are very important and beneficial. Always be sure to carry a pair of glasses with you, in case you have to remove your contact lens.